Ableton on Ethernet Network to Bome to Nord

I have a computer running Ableton connected via ethernet to network. Ableton controls lights, ProPresenter, Waves FX, and now I have a BOME BOX connected to my NORD Stage 3 I want to control. I do not understand how to set this network up and see the Nord (via BOME BOX) in the Audio Midi Set up on Mac. I want to create a network connection there so Ableton can talk. I have BOME connected via Bome Network v 1.2.1 and computer indicates connection.

Awesome. A Nord Stage 3 should be lots of fun. I have a Nord Stage 2 EX connect to my BomeBox.

So as I understand, you want to send MIDI data from Ableton Live to your Nord Stage 3 on the BomeBox.

On your Mac you should have a MIDI port with the name of your BomeBox. You want to set up Ableton track data (for performance) to point to that outgoing port.

On your BomeBox, you should log in and set a route between your Network connection (it will have the name of your Mac) and the Nord Stage 3 (which should show as a USB port when on the web interface of your BomeBox).

Now you should be able to play MIDI tracks from Ableton Live to your Nord Stage 3.

If you want to send MIDI from your Nord Stage 3 to Ableton Live, ensure you have a new path on BomeBox set from your Nord Stage 3 to your Network Connection (your computer name). Then on your Mac, have Ableton Live point to your network connection (BomeBox name) input. Then you should be able to send to the track. In Ableton Live, on the track, make sure you set the MIDI CH to receive on the track that your Nord Stage 3 is sending (usually the designated global channel). Of course, changing MIDI channels will effect the sections that send MIDI.

All of this of course assumes you have successfully set up the network MIDI connection with the Bome Network Tool.

Let me know how it goes.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
The following steps were needed.

  1. Connect Bome to Ethernet on network to ensure reliability.
  2. (Obviously) - Using Bome Network setup on same computer as Ableton (located across the stage, but also connected via ethernet), connect to Bome Box.
  3. In Ableton, Bome Box will show as a midi device in the PREFERENCES pane. Ensure it is completely enabled to receive midi.
  4. In Ableton, create a midi track with clips for Program changes. (PC#'s) Ensure that track is routed to Bome Box device -


Also ensure Nord is set to receive Midi on whatever channel you are sending. In my case, I just tell it to receive from ALL channels

Great, glad you got it working!

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: