Absolute Mouse position on second screen?


I am running into the problem that when I try to record the absolute mouse position it gets stuck at the edge of the first screen. In this forum post it was said that it would be solved? Has that happened? is there a workaround?



This can be solved in Bome MIDI translator only if you have a screen software driver that can be set up to treat both of your screens as a single large virtual screen. I remember hearing of someone able to do this but not sure how it was accomplished. Maybe a google search will reveal this answer.

Bome MIDI translator has no knowledge of anything beyond the primary screen.

Here is a posting that may give you some ideas.




Thanks for the quick reply!

That is disappointing this is not supported as standard. I hope that will be something which will be added in the future as double screens are almost standard now.

My screen is extended in windows. When I do a ‘print screen’ the horizontal resolution is the total of both screens.
So I would expect that the absolute cursor position could be replicated correctly.
I will have a look at the suggested solution….

I believe it is on the lists of things to add for a future release. I will check. I’ll also see if I can add this feature to the program I wrote “MIDIBuddy“. If you are using Microsoft Windows, I’ll consider adding it.

Let me know.


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I hope Midi translator will add this urgently.

And if Midi Buddy makes it possible in the future I love to know. I am on Windows so will have a look at midi buddy soon-ish, hope there is a trial version, still exploring Bome MIDI translator.




Hi, I haven’t heard back yet from Bome, but I’m starting the explore with MIDIBuddy. Right now it looks like it would take some significant effort to implement so will probably not do anything unless I see some return on investment.

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Update to 1.8.3 but still no multi screen support?? 🙁

Hi David,
I’m afraid not. Right now MIDIBuddy is really the only option I know of (Windows Only)

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I am now using a work around with Auto Hotkey. But is this working with Midi Buddy, as earlier in the thread you wrote that you would look into if it could be added??

MIDIBuddy has the capability to send mouse positions from multiple monitors. It sends this info via Sysex to MT Pro. It is MT Pro’s job to determine what to do with that mouse information. You cannot position mouse position with MT Pro to anything but the primary monitor only.

If you want more info in MIDIBuddy, you can look at the link below:


Hi David, my sincere apologies. As you can imagine, we have a long feature request list/bug fix list, and prioritize it and decide the ones to put into the next release. We’d love to share these plans with the public, because we believe in transparency and open processes. However, it’s happened in the past that we missed our own deadline, or couldn’t implement a feature for the targeted release or couldn’t implement a feature the way we initially envisioned it. Users, who were looking forward to those improvements, were rightfully upset. So we changed our policy to never promise or disclose concrete plans to not set false expectations.
Having said all that, your awaited feature has been cut twice from the features to make it into the release because it turned out more complicated than anticipated. It’s a shame, I know. Anyway… the best thing you can do is to continue to remind us and we’ll keep it prioritized. I have just upped the priority and it is already tagged with your email address so we may PM you for beta testing (entirely voluntary, of course).
Hope that explains some…
Best regards,

I need this feature too. My card doesn’t support “one big screen”.

Thanks a lot,



Of what I can see from from briefly testing the latest edition (v1.8.4) This problem is now completely solved!

Excellent! Thank you!


Wonderful. Yes thanks Florian!

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i have set my 2nd screen as my main screen and it still move to my laptop screen, any adjustment settings i need to change?


Could you tell me how you have your second screen oriented in relation to the first screen? Is it to the left, right, above or below the primary monitor?

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