Absolute to Relative to Mouse Control and Keystroke (separate presets)

Attached is a file where I have 2 presets.

One is Absolute controller to Relative, with outgoing mouse control and second with outgoing keystrokes (B/N).

They work when activated in isolation. But when both are activated, it appears broken.

I used one as a template for the other so I changed any global variables in the second but kept the local variables the same.

Can you take a look to see where the problem lies?

WIP-Absolute-to-Relative-MouseControl.bmtp (8.9 KB)

Well if you have both active then you will be sending both keystrokes N and B and mouse movements. You are using the same timer for each of these actions so maybe the repeating timer “Fader1” in both presets is interfering with the other. For preset 2 , try renaming the timer something like “Fader1.2” . When you set the timer in the second preset it is also resetting the timer in the first preset since it is the same timer name. Each timer needs to have it’s own name.

Also, I’m not sure what you are doing with MIDI, but you cannot have a Bome Virtual Port output sending to a virtual port input. But I’m not sure that is what you are trying to do anyway.

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Changing the timer to a unique name “Fader1.2” fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out.

That Bome Virtual port is wrong in my file. I have it going in and out of loopMIDI’s virtual ports. I’m using that to translate gc values to mouse movement. Like I said, I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to do this but I have no programming background so I’m just hacking around here.

I’m using Bome with Cubase and it appears Cubase can’t receive anything from my controller when it is connected to Bome. Is there a way to have a preset work as a “MIDI thru” so any other midi CC’s are passed directly to Cubase? I can set them up individually for each CC there are several I use so it would be easier to have a catchall preset for CC’s that aren’t used in Bome.

Thanks again Steve!

If not careful here you could end up with a Midi infinite loop situation which could crash MT Pro (or any other application that gets flooded with MIDI loop feedback. If you need to do double translation, it is best either to use rules for a single translation or timers with global variables to pass values from one translator to the next.

On Windows, only one application can access any given MIDI port at a time. In Cubase, have it point to a Virtual port only and have MT Pro send and receive anything from the real controller to the virtual port using the static MIDI router. You simply draw lines between the input and output port. Then use translators with “swallow” set for any MIDI messages you don’t want to go to the MIDI thru path you have drawn.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

The Midi Router works perfectly.

I do see an opportunity with using rules for a single translation. I’ll poke around in there when I have time. For now, everything seems to be working fine.

Thanks for the midi loop warning.