ActitioN Midi Controller not working with translators


I've been using Bome for quite a few years with great success. The software is really excellent! I recently purchased an ActitioN Midi Controller from "Reverb" and I am having an issue that I've never had before. I'm trying to integrate this controller into my preexisting setup and I can't get it to work and I'm not sure why. Basically, I got my system worked out a couple of years ago and when I added another controller later on I just duplicated my translators in MTP and changed the input trigger to the new controller, essentially giving me two points of control over the same function. I've been trying to do the same thing with this new midi controller but the duplicates are not working. I am running Mac Os 10.8.5 and I am running MTP 1.8.1. The new controller is recognized by MTP and I was able to capture the new input to set the new tigger but for some reason it isn't working to control the function in the software. All the other duplicates of the same output midi note are still working. Not sure what to trouble shoot. MTP isn't giving me any errors and it looks like the event monitor is registering the input and the output, but still doesn't work.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!



Sorry for my ignorance but looking at your project file I cannot find any device that says Actition. Which presets and translators are your new controller?

Never mind. I found the right translators.

It appears that you have overridden you input defaults in the preset named “Mobius Force REC Pedals”.

You will need to add you AcctitioN controller to the defined input ports.

See screenshot.




Sorry, I thought this was going to be hard to explain. the bottom preset is Mobius Force Rec Pedals.

the second translator down is “Mobius Rec ActitionN Button 1” there are a few others in that preset with Actition in the title. Those are the ones that aren’t working

So, that did make it work I think. But I’m confused why I have to specify the ports for that one translator where all the other one work just set to the defaults. I thought I added Actition to the defaults so I thought that should work for all the new ones. Does that even make sense?

Oh, now I get it! Thank you!!!

When you define devices in a translator it will override both preset and project defaults.
When you define devices in a preset, it will override project default.

So, anything in project level will go to project devices unless overridden by either a translator or preset
Anything at preset level will go to only preset defined devices unless overridden by a translator

Make sense?

Yes! Now it all makes perfect sense! Thanks so much!!!!

You are quite welcome! I’m glad i could help.