Activate USB Port on BomeBox as a MIDI Host / Sending MIDI out on Bomebox USB Slot

Hey everyone,
greetings from Germany, nice joining y’all!

I am using Bomebox to remote foot control my new stage video and lighting setup.

I am sending MIDI program changes from my guitar FX (BOSS GT-1000) to

  1. The Lightshark LS-1. Here program change needs to be transformed into MIDI note signal. MIDI Translator and BomeBox do the job!
  2. Qlab to trigger Video (has a MIDI capture function and works just fine, without tranforming the signal.

related questions:

  1. Can I also send the (via the DIN IN Port in the Bomebox) incoming data (with or without transformation) through the Bomebox USB A port to my Computer USB A Input to QLAB? I could not manage to make it do this. This should be possible, right? The USB port is not only in the Bomebox to receive Data, for instance from am USB Drive, like MIDI Translator files, correct?

  2. Does the Bomebox USB Host to Mac USB Port not work, because I am using the MIDI Translator pro .bmtp file?

  3. Where do I make the connection at first? Ii do not need MDID translator, right? Do I do it in the BOME Network App or in the Browser in the BOME WiFi…? Confusing.

  4. Or does this all not work and do I thus need to go through a MIDI through Box I order to split the signal BEFORE going into the BomeBox?

  5. If I could just get into the Bomebox, translate the signal before hitting the DIN out and not translating it before hitting USB… any tips on hox to manage this I would appreciate!

Thank you so very much, dealing with this!

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Hi to send from BomeBox DIN to USB port, please add a route in your project file between these two ports. Then when the project file is loaded, the routing will be incorporated into the BomeBox routing. If you route it manually (outside of the project), then load the project without the routing, any project routing will override the previous routing done manually on your BomeBox.

On BomeBox you can route any available exposed MIDI port to any other available exposed MIDI port (network, DIN, or USB). Again the project loaded can do this routing for you.

If you want translation, then yes, you have to add that to your project file.

Probably. However you can either manually add that route after your project is loaded or better still, put that route within your project and it will add the route automatically when the project is loaded.

I typically initiate the connection from BomeBox to the computer. The connection will be remembered so the next time you start up BomeBox it will initiate the connection for you. Then I’m notified of the connection request on the computer and accept it there.

You can indeed initiate the connection from either direction but I just find this the easiest for me. If you initiate the connection on your computer, you will need to confirm the connection on your BomeBox by either pressing the blinking pair button or going to the BomeBox web browser MIDI setting page and confirming it there.

I’m not sure what you are asking but maybe it has to do with Direct MIDI ports. BomeBox will expose them to computers for computer use, however BomeBox current firmware does not detect Direct MIDI ports on the computer, so anything coming from the computer will be seen only on the main network port. If this is not what you are asking, please clarify what you want to do.

Again, not sure what you are asking, however any routing in your project file will be incorporated into your BomeBox when you load it. I also recommend you always assign alias names to all ports in your project so that you can properly assign then to real (network, USB or DIN) ports when you load it.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Great, thank you so much Steve.
I will try your tips and hacks!
best regards, Cris

Thx so much for this!

Cris Cosmo