Add an option to hold down keys based on note duration

I usually use Bome Translator to play the virtual piano in various online games. But the program only presses the keys and does not hold them down according to the notes, for example an organ song does not sound good. I use programs that play a song in midi format and send it to Bome Translator and Bome presses the keys. I have used the ‘Down’ function but it does not stop pressing the keys and the other notes are not played at the same time.

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I assume your games or online pianos use keystrokes for notes. If this is not the case, let me know.

In MIDI when you press a note it sends a note-on message and then when you release it, a note-off message is sent. You can map the note-on messages to keystroke down and note-off messages to keystroke up. For keystroke down you should not allow the ‘repeat’ option.

Now for the application, it is actually more of a function of the application whether it can play multiple notes at once (polyphony) or only one note at a time (monophony).

If your application is MIDI, then it should understand both note-on and note-off so make sure that your translators are capturing and passing both messages.

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