Akai Apc Mini Help!!!

Good evening. I have a big problem with my apc mini from Akai. I use the apc for my lighting control (GMA2 on pc) and now I have a second apc. Since three days I want to build a new preset for both apcs but it doesn't work. I am desperate. i need a preset for two apcs with output channel 1 and 2. does anyone have such a preset? thank you


The way to set CC to note translation on your first APC-MINI which I'm sure you already have on MIDI channel 1. You should define the input at the Preset level for the first APC MINI only.

Then set up a separate preset for APC MINI 2 only and a translator to translato all incoming notes and CC to MIDI Channel 2.

In this preset you will need 3 translators

Translator 1

Incoming: Note-On MIDI channel 1 any note set to pp any velocity set to qq

Outgoing: Note-On MIDI channel 2 note pp velocity qq

Translator 2 - Same as above except for Note off

Translator 3 

Incoming: CC on MIDI CH 1 any cc set to pp any value set to qq

Outgoing: CC on MIDI CH 1  CC pp and value qq


In both presets, you want have the output defined as whatever virtual port you have set up for GMA2.  Again the first preset input only from APC1, second preset, input from only APC 2.


I hope this helps!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Nevermind lolz