Akai apc mini mk2 for Logic pro x

I want to use akai apc mini mk2 for logic. I can assign simple triger and LED feedback.
But I can to use like launchpad. Especially launchpad has midi preset in logic. So I want to use apc like launchpad by convert midi signal.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

There are several versions of Launchpad. Do you know which Launchpad you are trying to emulate

  • Launchpad S
  • Launchpad MINI
  • Launchpad MINI MK2
  • Launchpad MINI MK3
  • Launchpad MK1
  • Launchpad MK2
  • Launchpad MK3
  • Launchpad PRO MK2
  • Launchpad PRO MK3
  • Launchpad X MK3

There may more variations and each have their own button and feedback mappings.
Also in addition to buttons, The APC MINI has faders which are not available on any of the Launchpads. What do you want to do with them.

A project of this proportion would not be a candidate for free support but I can help get you started. The strategy would be to map each button that the APC MINI sends to a different note number used by the target Launchpad. Then map the LED response that Logic sends to the target Launchpad to the required LED note number.

This could be set up as individual translators for each button (with no translator rules) or set up with rules in a single translator (each way) which would require button mapping logic in the rules of the translator.

Alternately if there is some sort of button mapping script that Logic uses, it may be easier to change it there but I’m not familiar enough with how Logic does MIDI mapping to know.

Again, I can provide assistance by example of a few button/led maps once I know which Launchpad model you have as part of free support. If you want a full solution, that would be paid support and you can either PM or email me for an estimate.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz