Akai APC20 MIDI Remap for use with Hakai Force Firmware on MPC

Greetings all!

I have been doing a ton of digging looking to see how to remap the MIDI on my Akai APC20. I have seen some others discussing it in other threads. It seems as it stands the controller sends the same midi message for several of the buttons. Is Bome something that can accomplish this? Or does the Bome templates only work while plugged into the PC? Can i perminently load a remap to the controller via usb to use in standalone with my Akai MPC?

Just for a little background. I am running the Akai Force firmware on my MPC Live. Since the firmware is just hacked and is designed for another device, in order to fully operate the APC is an ideal layout. It seems the APCmini works flawlessly but the issue with this APC20 is that many of the pads are transmitting MIDI in a strange fashion, and it is the same message across several of the pads.

Any help is apprechiated. I am not very well versed in the deep MIDI technical implementation.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

You will need Bome MIDI Translator Pro running on your PC(or Mac) or to load the Project file and run it on a BomeBox. The APC20 send different MIDI messages for each button, however some are the same note but on a different MIDI channel (which makes them unique).

Again, the messages are unique, however perhaps on different MIDI channels. Since the messages are unique, you can probably map them to new messages that your MPC Live could understand.

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