AKAI Midimix / AKAI LPD8 (mk1) > Maschine DAW

hey guys,
if you’re using Maschine as your main DAW you will find a nice midi translate preset
for Akai Midimix and the Akai LPD8.

Akai Midimix:

  • this preset will light up the button leds and toggle hold the button.
  • the faders are going to 0 when value < 15
  • the faders are going to 127 when value > 110
    (this prevents the faderglitch in my case where the faders are ‘jumping’)
  • fader1 is inverted and you can link it to an hipass filter for a bassline for example

Akai LPD8

  • the pads will light up by the Sounds of a group.
    for example Pad1 lights up everytime the drumkick hits, or the clap or any other drumsample at the
  • you can link the pads to toggle on/off the sounds in group when you switch from PAD-Mode to CC-Mode

it works but its definately ‘work in progress’ and needs to be adapted to your midi messages. :wink:

bome__lpd8_midimix.bmtp (26.2 KB)

Thanks for sharing this, @gemichelst !

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz