Akai Mini Fader to 0

I have properly mapped Akai Apc40 to max out the fader to 0, but I'm having a hard time getting the APC Mini to achieve this. I have changed the CC# for the fader multiple times to troubleshoot, but I haven't been able to figure out which CC# the fader is. I've tried CC#30 and #48 for fader 1 thus far. Thanks in advance!



I MT Pro, go to the project level and open the MIDI port APC-MINI.

Create a new translator and click on "Capture MIDI" then you will see the incoming messages.

Click on the incoming message (which will have an absolute value). Change the incoming value by checking "any value"  and set variable to qq.

Then you can translate it to any outgoing message where qq is the value of the fader.

On Outgoing. Change to the MIDI Channel, CC Number and value that you want (or any other outgoing message).


See attached screen shots.


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Then you should be able to see the incoming messages


The first screen shot was incomplete. Here is an update with the value of qq set.