Akai MPC One not visible in Bome Network

Hi there,
I have recently added a Bomebox to my setup and would like to connect all my device on the Bomebox. I am connecting these devices to the Bomebox via a USB hub (an Elektron Overhub).
First attempt: I connect a Squarp Pyramid to the Overhub, it is immediately recognised by Bomebox (I see the Pyramid in Bome Network on my PC).
Second attempt: I connect an Akai MPC One to the Overhub and … nothing. No change in Bome Network. Note that I also tried to connect the MPC One via Midi connectors to the Bomebox and it doesn’t change anything.
However if I connect the Pyramid directly in the MPC One (via its host USB connector), the MPC One immediately detect the Pyramid.
I don’t see any specific settings I could change on the MPC… but I must say that I am not very familiar with this unit either.
Am I missing something obvious?
Thanks in advance.

Hi and Welcome!

Are you using a powered USB hub when connecting both devices to your BomeBox? If not, you should try that as if I remember the AkaiPro MPC takes a bit of power so maybe both devices will not be recognized if the BomeBox (or OverHub) is not providing enough direct power.

Adding a connection to the MIDI connector will not show anything as it is always available as MIDI IN or MIDI Out. Remember to connect OUT on your device to IN on your BomeBox and visa versa.

A final note. Unless you have the Beta Version of Bome Network, you will only see one port on your Computer. The beta version allows you to expose all ports individually on a computer.

In the case of the production version, all attached devices can be routed to the main network port but they are not distinguishable as separate MIDI devices (unless you have each on a different MIDI channel).

Steve Caldwell
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With one caveat: you’ll also require a beta version of the BomeBox firmware, which is not public (at this time). @mf22433, at this point, I assume that it’s more convenient to use the web config of the BomeBox to view the discovered MIDI devices.

Yes, I forgot that BomeBox needs special Beta Firmware too for multi port to work. Thanks for the reminder @florian !

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info, I am indeed using the production version of Bome Network, I’ll try the Bome Network beta. And of course as Florian mentionned I don’t have the beta firmware. Not a drama, I can wait, I am just experimenting at this stage (… and I am not a pro :slight_smile:

Note the AkaiPro MPC is not powered by USB, it has its own power brick. The Pyramid is powered by the Bomebox which itself is powered by PoE.

Thank you Florian and Steve, I am actually using the stable version of Bome Network and of course I don’t have the beta firmware either :slight_smile:
I’ll check with the beta version of Bome Network and the web config. I’ll let you know.

Did the MPC One got recognized at the end? Thanks!

Well the MPC One is a hybrid device and has both audio USB and MIDI USB so if you hook up MPC One to the BomeBox via USB, you will likely only see the MIDI connection (if it is class compliant).

As far as hooking it up to a PC or Mac, consult the manual, however over the network BomeBox would only see the MIDI port, again since Bome Network is for MIDI only.

As a generic router, any audio packets passed on the network would be treated like any other non-MIDI network traffic. The packets would get passed to the designated location but otherwise not processed by BomeBox.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz