All notes off on all channels

Good morning;

I am having an intermittent problem.
During a performance, some strange mixture of pedals, keys, button and slurs causes my sound module to get stuck with a specific note on ( not usually a good one ). Thinking I would take one of the unused buttons and create a panic button for all 16 channels.
Anyone have the recipe for such a translation event.
Steve warned mne about needing this, but in 35 years of midi, I have never had this symptom appear.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @peterbeacock ,

The attached should give you want you want. You might need to:

  1. Change the incoming trigger from the ESC key to a control from your pedal or other MIDI controller
  2. Add input definition for your MIDI controller and assign it an alias
  3. Set output destinations to multiple devices/applications.
  4. use different global variables in case you are currently using ga and gb

I assumed that the the application or device does not support the “All Notes Off” (CC123). Instead, I iterate through notes (gb) and MIDI channels (ga).

All-Notes-Off-Iteration-2019-04-04.bmtp (1.5 KB)

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Many thanks Steve - I will try CC123 first.
But what you have sent can be used in the studio where an escape key is available.
Happy Summer !!