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From the BMT-output MIDI-messages are sent to the RealRik VST-guitar. The message "All notes off" B0 7B 00 also affect for notes of other MIDI channels. How to fix it?

Hi, this is indeed the correct message for all notes off on MIDI Channel 1. However some devices might react differently. You might try B0 7C 00 which is used to turn Omni Mode Off then send all notes off. If this doesn’t work then we might need to resort to using a timer and iterating through all notes on MIDI CH 1 turning them off one at a time. Let me know.


Steve Caldwell
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“all notes on MIDI CH 1 turning them off” – Thanks, it only helped.

Hi, the following project does it manually in case your controller doesn’t recognize or misbehaves on all-notes off CC messages.

You can set the variable gz to 15 in the first translator and it will iterate through all channels and notes turning them all off. If you want to skip certain channels, then there are example rules in the second translator to do so.

// Put channels to skip here
// You can use ranges if you would like
//Skip MIDI CH2
if pp==1 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
//Skip MIDI CH5
if pp==4 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action


Or if you simply set gz to 0 in the rules of the first translator, it will only iterate through MIDI CH1

I’ve created aliases “Control Source” and “Control Destination” so on first use of the project, it will prompt you to assign these aliases to the real MIDI ports used.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Steve, thanks! Your help is invaluable!

thanks for your work Steve. i have a question, i’m using fishman triple play midi guitar pickup with ableton 11. i can get this “all notes off” program to work IF i route my fishman into “midi translator 1 virtual out” - then i can assign my highest playable note on my guitar to be the trigger for your program, and everything works fine. but i would prefer to send the all notes off message from a different midi device, and so far ableton only seems to respect the all notes off messages when it comes from the same device as that which played the notes on. so, i can’t have the fishman pickup send the notes on messages, and my midi keyboard send the notes off messages. any ideas? thanks!!


In the project file, open the input port from the MIDI device that you want to use to trigger the all notes off timer. In the translator define the desired incoming trigger and specify the incoming target from that new device. You can override project default input and output devices at the preset and translator levels as indicated in this tutorial.


thanks for the fast response! i was wrong about some things, and when i quit bome and reopened and set things up, it worked great. thanks!

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