All other Midi control functions disabled/fail when relaying midi to keystrokes

Using Bome translator(free) with an MPD218 and Ableton 10 to set CTRL(Z) to one of the midi buttons so I can undo clips during live looping. While the translator is working fine for the undo feature, it seems to disable all other midi functions from the MPD218 to Ableton while activated. The MPD218 shows up as orange/red in the preferences of Ableton under midi devices when using Bome which means Ableton is not reading it. Any ideas on how I can retain the original functionality of the MPD218 and leave 1 button on it setup with Bome for the undo feature? If i disable Bome, all orignal functionality returns, but then I lose my undo button. Feel like I am missing something here...

Hi, in Windows, only 1 application can access a given MIDI device at a time. With this what you need to do is.

1) Set up MIDI thru paths in Bome MIDI Translator Pro between your your MPD218 and Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port 1. You basically draw lines between the input and output ports and all MIDI will go through those paths untouched.

2) Set up Ableton Live to look use BMT 1 (short name for Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1) for both input and output for control settings.

3) Set up your Ableton Live Script as MPD218 but instead of using it's ports, set it up to use BMT 1 both input and output instead of the controller itself.

4) In your translator if you want the MIDI input from your controller to also pass through as MIDI (in addition to keystroke) to Ableton Live, make sure the options has "Swallow" disabled.

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