Allen & Heath dLive status pending

When powering on Bomebox my dLive MixRack status is pending. When disabling A&H network midi option and enabling it back on, everything is working perfectly. What im doing wrong?
Network settings are set to network client and same problem is with fixed IP.
Auto-Enable devices is ON and Auto-Create MIDI routes is ON.

Hi, sorry for the problem. What version of BomeBox Firmware are you on. If not version 1.5.3, then please download and install it and see if the problem persists and I will attempt to duplicate it. It is probably best if you leave your dLive on DHCP client on the same network as your BomeBox. Could you also show your BomeBox network settings?

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Here is setting screenshots.
dLive is in same DHCP network and have fixed ip as factory setup.

Thanks for this. I was able to duplicate the problem with an application the emulates an Allen&Heath dLive mixer on my Windows PC, but only if my Windows PC firewall was on. So perhaps there is something blocking a given port number when using device discovery. Let me check with our developer to see what port number is used for auto discovery and if there may be settings on the dLive mixer or BomeBox to make sure the auto discovery is working correctly.

Stay tuned …

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I just looked at the BomeBox Instructions (page 22) and it said the default port is 51325, so make sure that your network does not have the port blocked. I’m not sure if there is a setting on the mixer to change this but perhaps if there is, it is selecting a different port.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi @Ergo.Ehte,
thanks for reporting this issue and my apologies for the bad upgrade experience.

We could reproduce the bug: after enabling A&H support, it will not work ‘out of the box’ after power cycling the BomeBox.

We have isolated the cause for that and implemented a tentative fix. We’ll PM you for possible verification of the fix.

NB: we do have extensive automated tests for A&H support (and all other BomeBox functionality). We do test start-up behavior, but due to the nature of the automated tests, they cannot include an actual power cycle. The difference is subtle: on powering up, the network will not yet be fully initialized when the A&H process starts, so it has to wait for the network to start. The bug is that it would not notice when the network becomes available after a few seconds. The fix is to make sure it is notified, and we’ve also added a few safeguards.

We have published a fix here:
Make sure to download firmware v1.5.3.3 or later.

Thanks again for reporting this issue.

Thank You very much for quick response. v1.5.3.3 is fixed my problem.

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