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So I got myself a Qupac recently to plug my eurorack into. The plan was to control it with my Faderfox MX12. So I can have the benefits of a digital mixer and a MIDI mixer but with the tactile feeling. Now it turns out I can’t get things to run. I want the Faderfox MX12 to send the MIDI to the Faderfox MX12 and the Faderfox to control the Allen & Heath mixer via MIDI over TCP/IP.
It seems the problem is that I don’t have a connection between the bome app and the Qupac. Do I need to establish a wireless connection first in order to get things set up? I’m stuck at selecting the Qupac in the web app It doesn’t show up there after I enter it’s IP Adress. I don’t really need any network functionality at all. All I need is that one patch cable going out of the bomebox into the Qupac for it to be able to control it no?
Not sure where I’m going wrong with this. I am sure tho that I spent too much money on stuff I don’t understand recently. Please be so kind to enlighten this ignorant newbie :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you want the FaderFox to control the Qupac via ethernet, you will either need an ethernet application that converts MIDI to Qupac compatible network MIDI (I’m not sure there is one but you can check with A&H) on your computer , or you will need to invest it a BomeBox which can do this. The network connection between the computer and BomeBox would be Bome Network. Then the BomeBox supports the Allen and Heath protocol to send to Qupac. Alternatively you could hook your Faderfox to the BomeBox instead of a computer so.

FaderFox (USB) → Computer (Bome Network) → BomeBox (A&H protocol) → QuPac
FaderFox (USB) ->BomeBox A&H Protocol-> QuPac

In addition, you may need to convert MIDI CC (from FaderF9) to NRPN (which QuPac uses). For this you would need to purchase a copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro and then run the project either on your computer of BomeBox.

Also I believe Qupac is a class compliant USB MIDI Device so you could connect to it via MIDI and use Bome MIDI Translator to just do translation and send MIDI over USB to Qupac.

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Thanks for the answer! To clarify. I do have a bomebox already. I also don’t want to do any fancy editing of mappins or something like that. I just want to convert MIDI CC to NRPN to control the Qupac. The problem I have is that I seem to be stuck connecting to the Qupac via the website control app. By adressing the Qupac with it’s IP it just says “unknown device” and keeps trying to connect. All I want to do is to get this to work and be done with it. What’s the most convenient way of actually converting the MIDI so the Qupac can receive it? Do I really need to buy the MIDI Translator software? Or can I somehow configure the bome so it transmits via MIDI over IP and it magically “just works” ?

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Greetings Finn

Normally, the BomeBox will just recognize the device automatically if it is on the same network as the BomeBox. You will need to check Auto-Enable devices when the get discovered.

If it doesn’t recognize the device, automatically, you should be able add a manual entry. Make sure you are connecting to the both the correct address and port. Also check your router to see if the it has a route set if it is on a different network address. Finally enable the port number if there are any firewalls set up.

See pic below:

To convert from CC to NRPN, you will need Bome MIDI Translator Pro and a project file loaded on your BomeBox that does the translation.

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Okay cool. Thanks!
So it seems that the problem is, that I’m not really sure about the router part. How do I adress the correct port? I only see the IP on the Qupac. How do I specify it’s port? To me it seemed like I can just connect it this way:
Faderfox MIDI → Motu Midi Interface → BomeBox → Qupac with one ethernet patch cable.
Is it correct that the only thing I’m missing now is being able to access different ports via my router and integrating the Qupac into my local network as well as translating the MIDI CC into NRPN via the translator software? I don’t have W-Lan btw. I’m connecting to the BomeBox via smartphone, with no W-Lan access … so maybe that’s the problem. I gotta make sure I get this right, excuse my ignorance please :stuck_out_tongue: . I bought 2 expensive things already that turned out to be not as simple and straight forward as I expected them to be. I don’t want to end up with a third thing, this program, to find out I still can’t get it to run …
About the MIDI to NRPN translation … is it as simple as choosing a preset or option in the translator software and connecting the Qupac and Bomebox to each other? Or do you actually need to write the translation code yourself? What are the minimum requirements to run the Bomebox + Qupac + Faderfox together? Do I need W-Lan or access to a local network to configure/use these devices together? About the MIDI in on the Qupac … is this normal MIDI or does the PoE MIDI stream have different specs? I could barely find any information on connecting MIDI devices to the PoE unfortunately.

Thanks for being so kind for answering my stupid questions here.
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Yes, this should work. I’m not sure what port the QuPac will use, There might be a setting within the QuPac, but I’ll have to check into this further.

There may be is a little coding to figure out the NRPN value if the QUPac is using 14 bit NRPN. If using 7 bit NRPN it is a matter of just inserting the proper NRPN number. 14 bit NRPN’s have a 14 bit value but it is entered into the field as one values.

Say the NRPN parameter value MSB is qq and the LSB value is rr, the rules to combine them would look like this:

// rules to combine qq qnd rr into a 14 bit value
// shift MSB 7 bits left
// or it with LSB to get combined value

Now, qq could be entered into the NRPN value field like the below example.

Typically each conversion of CC or note to NRPN will need a separate translator. In some cases we can combine groups of controls into a single NRPN translator by adding rules.


From this page.

  • Allen & Heath dLive, GLD, Qu, SQ, and iLive mixer support via Ethernet (since firmware v1.2)

No, you can use ethernet but in order to upload the project file you will need to connect the computer and the BomeBox to the same network unless your router is configured with the necessary routing table to pass packets between networks.

Well MIDI is MIDI, however each device has specs on which MIDI parts to implement. As I understand, the QUPac almost exclusively using NRPN to control it and uses CC and notes to interface with a DAW.

There is no such thing as MIDI PoE. It is ethernet PoE and BomeBox supports the ethernet Protocol for Allen and Heath as well as Bome Network. PoE is a protocol to determine if power is available via ethernet and to enable it.

Not stupid questions at all! I will check to see if there is a reason or setting that needs to be added to the QuPac for BomeBox discovery of the QuPac. You might want to also ask Allen and Heath as they provided the protocol specs for Bome to implement it on BomeBox.
They may also have a Bome Project template that could help get you started.

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I found this document on the A&H site.

On page 10 it says:

Note Qu currently allows only one TCP MIDI connection at a time over its Network port.
TCP Client Configuration
Clients should be configured to use TCP port 51325

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Could you confirm the firmware revision on BomeBox and of your Qupac? Maybe the connect problem lies in there somewhere?

I just had another thought.

By default the BomeBox ethernet is set up as a client. If you set it up as an ethernet master then it should work as the Qupac is also set up as a DHCP client, so I suspect that if both are set up as clients there is no DHCP master to hand out ethernet addresses.

You should be able to login to your BomeBox via WIFi with an in Android or iPhone and set up the ethernet as a master. Once done, then the BomeBox and the Qupac should talk to eachother.

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