Allen&Heath SQ5 / Bome Box & Midi Translator / Behringer BCF2000


I need to relearn Midi again after having not used it for ages!

I want to use the Behringer BCF2000 to control faders and mutes of an SQ5.

I’m creating a Midi Translator file on my computer which afterwards I hope to transfer to the Bomebox so I won’t need the computer any more. I’m having trouble for the SQ5 and the Behringer to talk to each other.

The SQ5 is connected via ethernet to my computer and uses MIDI over ethernet and ‘MIDI Control’ software to select which protocol: HUI, Mackie, MIDI Thru, and CC translator.
Q1 Which protocol should I use - I’ve assumed ‘CC Translator’

The Behringer is connected with USB to my computer.

Both devices can be seen individually in bmtp with ‘midi capture’ , but I have had no luck creating a link between the two.

SQ5 has midi channel 2, Behringer midi channel 1

What steps do I need to take to get the Behringer to control the SQ5 and SQ5 control the faders of the Behringer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve watched videos and read parts of the manual, but there’s just too many variables.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Well if you want to use the SQ5 without a computer, you should not use the MIDI Control Software provided by Allen and Heath. You would need to convert your BCF MIDI messages to SQ5 messages using Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

The path for testing on your computer would be.

BCF-2000 → Bome MIDI Translator Pro → BomeBox → SQ5 (Network)

You could use MIDI Remote Direct using Bome Network to access the SQ5.
If you turn on Allen&Heath discovery on your BomeBox, you should be able to see the SQ5 something like this on your BomeBox.

In Bome Network you could turn on MIDI Remote Direct by checking the switch until it turns green.

Then in the project file you would set up your aliases similar to this except for input you would select your BCF-2000

The way I have it set is CC 0-8 for faders 1-9. Per your configuration I have it set to MIDI Channel 2 (ga=1) in the rules of Init Preset Init Global variables (0.2). I use linear taper for the faders which converts CC to NRPN which is required for the SQ5.

Here is a link to the SQ5 MIDI documentation.

I have done no other conversions except for Faders and mutes for Ip0-Ip8. At this point also no feedback to update the LED’s or motorized faders. Translators would also have to be written for that.

I’m not sure if you can use DAW control or not but if so, you would send DAW commands on MIDI CH 1. I have no way to test either the project file I attached or DAW control because I do not actually own an SQ5. I’m just using a network simulator for testing.

Below is example of fader1 movement from the log window.

882830 - MIDI IN [EC4-V2]: B0 00 15
882830 - MIDI OUT [BomeBox2: SQ5]: B1 63 00 B1 62 00 B1 06 00 15 26 15
882902 - MIDI IN [EC4-V2]: B0 00 14
882902 - MIDI OUT [BomeBox2: SQ5]: B1 63 00 B1 62 00 B1 06 00 14 26 14
882964 - MIDI IN [EC4-V2]: B0 00 13
882964 - MIDI OUT [BomeBox2: SQ5]: B1 63 00 B1 62 00 B1 06 00 13 26 13
883134 - MIDI IN [EC4-V2]: B0 00 12
883134 - MIDI OUT [BomeBox2: SQ5]: B1 63 00 B1 62 00 B1 06 00 12 26 12

And the project file.

SQ5-Example-2023-01-11.bmtp (2.0 KB)

Once you load the project file on BomeBox (MT Pro must be purchased to do this), you can attach your BCF-2000 to either USB or MIDI DIN input and set up your aliases on BomeBox accordingly and run it without a computer.

BCF-> MIDI DIN → SQ5 (network)
BCF → USB → SQ5 (network)

You will need to set up your BCF as you like and then do mappings for whatever functionality you want to use to control your SQ5.

Good luck!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks SteveC for that thorough reply.
I got a lot further I think with your example project file but the 2 devices are not talking yet.
Attached are two screen shots, one shows the log window of fader 1 of the SQ5, the other of fader 1 of the BCF2000 with the translated midi output, as per your example file.

It seems to me that the output of MTP does not correspond with what it should based upon what the SQ5 is showing, but I’m not sure because I don’t understand what the rules you put in the translator are actually doing. Could you please elaborate?

Thanks heaps for your help!

OK, the output you show helps. Try this version.

The first Example Translator (1.0) is to be enabled when you got to BomeBox to A&H
The second Example Translator (1.1) is to be enabled when you go thru Allen and Heath MIDI Control

Aliases on my System Are set up as follows. You should set My Controller to be the output of your BCF-2000.


MIDI Control is set up as shown below:


When using MIDI Control (1.1), the MIDI Control software is doing the translation.
When using Linear Taper (1.0), Bome MIDI Translator is handling the translation.

I would not recommend enabling both at once. I basically used MIDI Control to view how it translated the CC and then used that as a model for how Bome MIDI Translator should do it.

Here is the updated project file.
SQ5-Example-2023-01-16.bmtp (2.5 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: