Amplitube not seeing expression pedal

I’m wondering what I am missing.

MIDI path is:

Mission engineering expression pedal (EP-25k) - TRS cable into MIDI Solutions Footswitch Module - MIDI in/out ports feed into an ESI M4u ex - usb host port on BomeBox

MIDI Solutions box takes program changes, and is getting power.

Amplitude sees the BomeBox in it’s MIDI device list.

MIDI Routing table on BomeBox looks correct.

Do I need to setup a virtual MIDI port on my MacMini in the Audio/MIDI utility? Do I need to order BMT to make this work?

Amplitude goes into learn mode, and I move the expression pedal, and no reaction…….Amplitude detects no MIDI.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Could you show a screen shot of your routing on the BomeBox?

You shouldn’t need to but it might be a good idea to download the free trial version for troubleshooting. The only limitations with the trial version are:

  1. It will timeout every 20 minutes
  2. You cannot use a project file created with the trial version on BomeBox

What I would recommend is you download the trial version and select the BomeBox and use the log window to see what MIDI messages are coming in. That, along with the MIDI routing check on BomeBox should help us get to the root of the problem.

Also I’m not sure of the polarity of the EP-25K pedal and whether the MIDI solutions box has a anything as a polarity switcher. If the polarity is wrong, the MIDI solutions module may not detect movement of the pedal.

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dsarlis wrote:
Mission engineering expression pedal (EP-25k) - TRS cable into MIDI Solutions Footswitch Module

Do you really mean “Footswitch Module” ?
MIDI Solutions has a “Footswitch Controller” which is for switches and it would be the wrong device for this application. For continuous expression control you need the Pedal Controller.

I would test the setup in 3 stages.
First the basic function:
Pedal => Pedal Controller => MIDI Interface => Computer
If that works, then without the MIDI interface:
DIN MIDI cable between pedal controller and the DIN connectors of the BomeBox
If that also works, then the full setup:
Pedal => Pedal Controller => MIDI Interface => BomeBox => Computer
This will help to find out where an error can be.

Ah! I have a ‘Footswitch Controller’ - obviously a fat fingered ordering mistake on my part, because BEFORE purchasing, I double checked with John Fast from MIDI Solutions, and he said ‘Pedal Controller’ multiple times, therefore, some short circuit happened when I ordered it from L&M because everything is ‘Footswitch’…bloody hell I’m an idiot.

Thank you Peter & Steve for the feedback! I will order the correct device and resume my journey…



Just verified - the ‘Footswitch’ controller takes all programming changes I send it from MIDI Solutions Programming Tools so coms are good back and forth…just need the right device…


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