Any progress on Bome's MT for IOS

I read some old posts on Bome's MT for IOS? I wonder if it is still being worked on Also, what about Bome's Network for IOS?

indeed, good question! Both iOS apps are still being worked on, and we have internal prototypes running. I really wish we could afford 100 developers…

Thanks, Florian. I am happy to hear that both are being developed.

This is exciting – There’s definitely room for MTP on iOS – and of course Bome Network.

My, was I proud of myself to set up each keystroke to send multiple PC messages on multiple MIDI channels! Now I can use a Bluetooth keyboard to call up sounds. Neat. I know this is a very basic function of MT Pro, but if I tell others about it, it sounds like I am doing very complex midi work. It is complex, but MT Pro makes it so easy. Now, all this lead me to this thread that I found out that I had started; I’d love to do the same with an IOS device.


  1. Is MT Pro for IOS coming soon?

2. QWERTY keyboard support for the Bomebox?

3. When the Bomebox supports the QWERTY keyboard, does it mean I can use a Bluetooth keyboard? I posted on this forum that a Bluetooth midi transmitter works right out of the box with the Bomebox.