Any Updates on the Horizon for BMTP?

Just wondering if there is going to be an update anytime soon because my wish list includes folders and colours. My projects are really hard to navigate at the moment. 560+ Presets


Development is progressing, however we cannot pre-announce anything including release timelines or future functionality.

With that said, I may be able to help by looking at your project file to determine if I have any ideas on how to better organize it. It may, however, be much more complex than anything that I have ever created.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Well, you actually did create it. A couple of years back. You may remember 3 LaunchPad Mini’s with Cubase?. Anyway it has grown into a monster project that cannot be re-organised as I have used Preset numbers, not names, in my Out Going Actions. It would be great to have a search bar also as mousing is always the slowest way to navigate UI’s.

Well, sorry if I created a project that kind of painted yourself into a corner! Using preset number is nice if you want to use them for iterations works well but has some disadvantages over preset names in some cases.


No problems, it was my own doing. My project has about 75 Presets that I don’t use anymore but I can’t delete them because of the number thing. I will find a use for them no doubt. :grin: