Any way of increasing range of limited midi potentiometer value?

To explain… i have a midi control knob that has a range of very limited range of 24 steps which starts at 52 and ends at 76 giving 24 steps… (baffling why they did this)
but i want to use this potentiometer and remap to a range value of 0 to 127.
i realise this will be steppy but im wondering how i piut a formula together to get the value of 52 to equate to a value of 0 and the end range of 76 to equate out to 127.

i want a range of 52-76 to become 0-127

hope that makes sense.
this crazy controller i have doesnt make sense sometimes.
i hope this makes sense what im trying to achieve ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, and welcome back!

You may check out our tutorial on ‘Scaling’.

Maybe your control is programmable and someone left it in an odd state. What is your controller manufacturer, make and model?

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Im using the StudioLogic Sledge 2, the big yellow synth with the waldorf engine, the midi on it is absurd. the semi tone range is fixed at 52-76 to control the internal synth engine, yet this synth is supposed to be able to be used to program vsti synths, while it can to some effect, some of the controls are a bit odd, like the semi tone range.
As for the scaling, ive managed this before, but usually with a value starting at zero… never had to take a value somewhere in the middle and go backwards.
how on earth do you do that ? do i just do the process as in the tutorial but in reverse ? as in not going from 0-127 to an output range of 20-90
but 20-90 to 0-127 if we use your example for instance…

Very strange as the manual shows nothing about odd CC values.

The attached should work. I used CC 1 for the example.

Here are the rules using qq as the input value

Log "Log input = %qq%"
// input range into pp
// output range into rr
// offset
// multiply by output range
// divide by input range
// deal with integer rounding errors
if qq>127 then qq=127
Log "Log output = %qq%"

Upscaling-with-offset-2024-06-01.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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oh right, well i think it may have been some time before i came to that conclusion you have written there, thankyou for doing this i’ll try it monday and post an update letting you know how i got on.
This sledge has a seriously sketchy midi spec, some of the buttons send out an on and off message with two different cc numbers on one button press, its a real mess !

im always amazed at how passionate you are about this product you made and how engaged you are with the users, its a real breath of fresh air ive got to say Steve, and i appreciate it.

Kind Regards


Thanks for the kind words! I’ll take credit for the support but, however in addition to providing support, I’m a customer like you so I cannot take credit for the great software. I found this software around 2016 and rigged up my keyboards to use it.

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