Any way to connect a Bluetooth Qwerty to the Bomebox

Recently I purchased a small 2.4 GHz Qwerty keyboard which works right out of the box with the Bomebox.

However, it’s not quite small enough for me while the keys are a little too small

I also have this tiny Bluetooh Qwerty keyboard. Just a perfect size for my purpose and the keys are nice and big. Is there anyway I could connect it to the Bomebox using a USB Bluetooth receiver? Or does anyone know of a similar sized 2.4 GHz keyboard?

BTW, my X-Tempo Pok foot controller works great with the Bomebox.


The BomeBox is currently not designed to work with Bluetooth keyboards. I’ve heard of a few users that got lucky but it is not officially supported.


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Does the BomeBox support Bluetooth?
There is no built-in Bluetooth in the BomeBox, but you can plug in a Bluetooth-MIDI dongle like WIDI-Bud for connecting Bluetooth MIDI devices to the BomeBox.



Instead of trying to pair a mini Bluetooth Qwerty to a USB Bluetooth receiver for my Bomebox, I think I found a solution. This one 5 inch wide. The keys seem to be big and yet the unit is small enough for my purpose.

Yes, probably a much safer bet. I think the link I sent you for Bluetooth was more for a MIDI keyboard as opposed to a QWERTY keyboard anyway. Price looks pretty good on this keyboard too. This is what I use but the keys are pretty small.
I’ve also successful used this in hardware mode as it sends out standard PC scan codes. It is much more spendy however. Most of the time I have it connected as a supplemental (hotkey) keyboard on my PC.