Any way to purchase Bome Translator same-day?

I attempted to buy an activation link to work on something today. But the store referred me to B&H which takes 3 DAYS!! to send an unlock code and by then it’s too late. Any way to simply buy it same day?

Yes, you can purchase our software products and receive them on the same day by going to our web shop. You will receive email with license key. If you need to recover it later, the below procedure explains how:

The Bome Account is not automatically created with purchase. Just create one here:
Normally, your product license and download will be automatically accessible. Only if you’ve used a different email address at time of purchase, just create an account with your current email address and then use the Add Product function in your user account to claim your license.

Note: after creating your account, your licenses will only be available after clicking the activation link in the activation email! You can also use the Lost Password function to activate your account.

Only when your account is activated, you can view your license(s), download the latest version, and add missing licenses.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Ah! When I tried from my phone, the part where you can press the ‘X’ and close the window that pops up saying ‘Did you know You can Purchase thru these US distributors’ is cut off and can’t close or even read that top part, just links to those guys! Might have a look at the coding, but thanks! If I go thru PC then I can hit the X and continue with purchase! Thank You!

and now I’m seeing this! Yes, that’s not intended to not work on mobile devices. Our web programmer will have a look at it.

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Thank YOU! This is an Amazing piece of work! I am a CAD designer using Microstation and also a musician. This has enabled me to both have excuse to bring my AKAI to work and save on CAD digitizer! Works amazingly well, glad to get the purchase to you directly! And such personal service! I will surely recommend to CAD and musicians alike! Have wonderful year!

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that’s clever! Are you using MIDI-to-keystroke translation for controlling the Microstation?

Mostly the mouse translation, but also to activate keyboard shortcuts and key-ins as well!
The main reason is I like using graphic tablet to draw in CAD…but I need make use of a lot of zoom and pan functions that are usually done with mouse, I had looked at expensive addons for this in the photo editing world, but then I looked at my AKAI mini and thought ,‘Not only could I use the pads for that, I could use a ton of shortcuts if could set it up right AND save money’. At first thinking I would find some little freeware on Github. But, after I found yours had both keyboard AND mouse translation and gave a test I thought was totally worth paying for as I’ve been inspired to use in so many other ways and with other MIDI instruments as well! I’m working on getting the pitch bend ‘joystick’ to move window or drawing around as well, but it’s a bit trickier than simple Note ON to keyboard /mouse input. But, I can surely see that your software CAN do it, as their are so many specific options it’s just a matter of time and creativity! The mouse translation that Pro offers really opens up a lot more than classic did with just the keyboard.
I got so excited when my mind first started going I was raving to husband and kiddo for 15 min seeing their blank expressions of being completely snowed over by everything I was saying, but totally not caring as was just on fire with ideas!

P.S. Just finished first full day of work on 10 civil drawings using only my graphic pen tab and the AKAI mini Thanks to translator! It’s been a DREAM to kick feet up with pentab in lap and firing commands and view manipulation with AKAI on left hand! Just a breeze! Hard to put to words how fluidly this works! Thanks again!


This is typical of what happens in my house when I start talking MIDI to my family.