APC 40 extended template mode


I am trying to figure out which mode or how to put the APC 40 into where as, when you select the 9 track buttons it gives you a new template for each of the 9 different track buttons ie this allows you to have 72 rotary knobs instead of the lower right hand 8 knobs and a whole lotta buttons

I saw a guy in this video doing it for controlling MyDMX 3.0 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTtZo3V4Ol4 go to 0:48

>>And this guy doing it with Grand MA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRlJN1LALFk

WAY COOL you can have 9 different pages for the matrix buttons and the 8 rotary knobs on APC40

I am trying to do the same thing for controlling DMXIS in Ableton .

I have created bome presets for Mode 40, 41, and 42 and the output value is still the same for each different track button.

APC40 (1st gen) F0 47 7F 73 60 00 04 {40, 41, 42} 08 01 01 F7

What am I doing wrong?








Yes you can do layers in MT Pro. You will need to set to Mode 1 or 2. The knobs themselves put out the same MIDI messages no matter what, but you can set up translators to:

1) Capture the values of the encoders in each layer into global variables for the current layer.

2) As you switch layers, convert the encoder output messages so something else for each layer.

3) As you switch layers, restore the values of the encoders back that you captured earlier for the new layer you are in.

So that is the power of Bome MIDI Translator Pro in taking a relatively simple control surface and making it smarter.  There are many examples of what people have done with AP40 controllers on the board. Just search and explore.  If you have questions and want simple examples, I'm here to help for free. If you want me to write something for you, you can send me an email with your requirements and I will be happy to provide an estimate.

I have done several APC40 projects in the past and have a MKII but have used Bome MIDI Translator Pro as a MK I emulatore for clients.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Here is a link to a video tutorial on adding a shift layer using presets:


Found some chat about APC40 but no code or presets could you please post link to apc40 presets


Found some chat about APC40 but no code or presets. Could you please post links to APC40 presets



Look at this post. It has a project file with some translators. Probably more than you need right now but it is easy to disable what you don't need.  It is meant to make 2 APC40's and 1 APC20 to look like a huge controller to contral GrandMA2




It looks like if you put your APC40 into Mode 0 the encoders are on different MIDI channelsdepending on which track button you select. In Mode 1 or Mode 2 they are on the same MIDI channel.

Now the rub is that you have less control of some of your buttons and LED's on Mode 0 (the default startup mode). So if you want to have the knobs differently on every track AND you want other than Mode 0. Then you will need to set up MT Pro to set up different MIDI messages for each track.

In Mode 0 on my APC 40 knobs 1-8 send CC 16-23 on MIDI CH 1 for track 1  CC16-23 on MIDI CH 2 for track 2 etc.  However in Mode 1 or 2 they always send CC 16-23 on MIDI CH 1 no matter which track button you press. And of course the track buttons will no long light up (unless you light them from an external source).

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Thanks you for the video... however, I need 9 layers, one for each of the APC40 track selection buttons ( ie layer buttons) and can not use the "deactivate all other presets checkbox" in outgoing translator because it will deactivate all my other non related bome presets.

also although the apc40 matrix buttons are momentary (which is what i need), I need the" first 3 layers" of 6 x 9 matrix button "leds" to toggle (not the button output just the light)

The 4th thru 9th layer of 6 x 9 matrix lights need to to lite only ( one per row ) which ever button was last pressed.

This also needs to be the case for the apc40 track select ( ie layer select ) buttons.

  1. D0 you have preset code to shift the 6 x 9 matrix of momentary buttons into 9 layers, based on which of the apc40 track select ( layer select) buttons is pressed (not just 2 layers and also not using deactivate all other presets checkbox which will mess up my non related bome presets) ?
  2. code to toggle 6 x 9 button leds on layer 1, 2 and 3
  3. code to make 6 x 9 button leds "exclusive", only 1 lite per row for layers 4 thru 9 based on last button pressed in each row

Thank you so much



What you are asking is beyond the scope of support here but if you send me an email, I can provide you a cost estimate for creating this for you.

In the meantime, I put together and example of using select buttons to switch layers on the 8 knobs.

First the project puts you into Mode 1

Then it disables all layers and the re-enables layer 1.

The select buttons along the bottom allow you to switch to layers 1 or 2 ( I only set up for 2 layers for this example).  These are handled in the preset called "Channel Selector"

Each layer has its own preset and updates the knob positions and LED positions  as it is enabled.

The button LED's are also updated within the Channel Selector preset.

I did this on a MK2 but the MK1 has the same knob and button values for the ones you asked about.  

I had thranslator enabled for MK2 Init but disabled it and enabled MK1 Init for your. Only one of these should be enabled depending on your model.

Also, I set default MIDI through paths to and from your Application for anything that doesn't have a translator.

You will need to set up the aliases for the application's virtual port and your APC40. You will be prompted when you open the file. After that, if you want to change Aliases you can do that in the MIDI menu of MT Pro.



The global variables used are documented in the rules of the Init Preset, translator "Initializ Globals".


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


For any presets you do not what deactivated on “deactivate all other presets”, simply go the the preset and check "Ignore for Next/Previous Preset switching (always active). Then the only way to deactivate those presets is to specifically call them out.

I don’t have anything that meets your exact requirements but I can create something. Contact me via email for price estimate.

In the example you sent

the int preset does work and puts my apc40 mkI in mode 41

the channel selector preset works and switches between presets 2 and 3

however the slider, knobs and buttons output data are  the same for both presets

am i doing something wrong?



My Bad I did not have the translator outputs set correctly

Thanks I will work with this

This one changes the output channel to the application on a different MIDI channel but still provides local feedback to MIDI CH 1 your APC40 as you switch channels.



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