APC 40 Rules?

i wann use a Translator for some Keys from apc 40 mk2

The Problem is that, when i push the button there comes in 5 Notes at the same time. But these are doubled because some of the other knobs sending the same note, only difference is, the other knobs are sending one note of that 5.

So i wanna build a Rule in the Translator, that says Only when Midi (e.g 13,14,15,16,17) comes in at the same time, than translate to Note 124.

Is that possible or how can i build a workaround for that?


Hi and welcome back!

If I remember correctly, the only buttons that send multiple CCs are the track select buttons and only in Mode 1 (the default mode). The additional CC’s are sent because the device knob value are updated as you change tracks and Ableton Live generally want to know the new values of these knobs as you change tracks (since there are different plugins possible for each track.

If you don’t like this behavior, there are a few ways to fix it.

  1. Suppress sending the additional CC updates when switching tracks (leaving the APC40 MK2 in Mode 1)
  2. Switch the APC40 MK2 to mode 0 or 2. In this case the device knobs are not updated and no updates are sent. Also in this mode, the APC40 MK2 indicators are not updated, so you would need to us MT Pro to update them manually.

The knobs of the APC40 MK2 do not send notes so if you are seeing additional notes, they are likely coming from the application and not from the controller. It is possible you have your device input selections set incorrectly so I suggest you review this video tutorial on device selection.

If you want to change the mode of your APC40 MK2, let me know an I can show you how it is done. It is called out in the APC40MK2 programmer manual which can be found on the AkaiPro web site.

Or we could set up rules as you suggest but I’m reluctant to at this time as I suspect your requirement may not be what you really need.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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