Hello, Im trying have my shift button on the APC Mini stop all active flashing on my controller when i press it. I use the Shift Key to clear all active executors on the MA side and would like it to set all the LED colors back to their home color not flashing. Also How can I set the Mini to goto their home position colors on start up.

Im only using MTP to do this with the MA on PC


Thanks for any Info


Hi Harry,

Your input translator would be whatever MIDI value is generated by the shift button. You would set a timer to iterate through all LED lights turning them off one at a time. You would set the number of iterations as the number of lights you want to go through. You would start with the global variable at the highest note number and on each iteration, decrement that global variable. You would send a note on value for that note with value 0 to turn off each light.

So say if you have 40 lights, 39-0

you could have starting value of ga at 40 and fire off the timer for ga times

within the rules for the timer you would have


for output you would have

note-on MIDI channel 1 note ga value 0

Does this make sense?



Any luck, Harry?

I”m not sure if the rule you sent goes to every note or just the Shift Note. I put in the code to the shift note and all i get is the light turns on green and locks on after i press it. killing all color codes I’m using

My code for each note that drives an encoder goes like this

in coming – Note on on ch 1 with note 0 and velocity 127

Out going – Note on Ch 1 with note 0 and velocity qq, to ports Apc,bome MT 1 virtual out



if ga==1 then qq=1

if ga==0 then qq=2




Hi Harry,
Please post your project file and I will have a look. My understanding is that with push of shift button you want all lights in the matrix to turn off. Is this correct? Also if you are tracking the button state, you will need to reset all of the global variables to 0. Do you want off state for LED to be 2 or 0?

I would like all the lights to stop flashing and turn to their solid color.

The flashing colors would indicate which notes I’m using for that lighting cue. I could have as many as 6 flashing at one time. When I press the shift key all active lighting commands are cleared on the lighting side. i would like it also to clear all the flashing lights to return to the color i assigned them. Most of them are Green but there are a few red and amber ones on the grid.
Green =1 /Green Flash = 2 /Red =3 /Red Flash = 4 /Amber =5 /Amber flash =6
I hope this makes more sense.

here is my file


Hi Harry,

First of all you have all of your LED states tied to the same global variable “ga”. This will not work as expected. Each LED will need to have a different variable to track it’s individual state. You will need to change the rest of them.

I changed Tranlators 1.7 and 1.8 to use variable “gb” and “gc” respectively . I suggested once you get to gz, you use g0-g9 then move to “ia” and go fro there. I used ha as a global variable for the timer variable to iterate and set all LED’s back to the default state.

I added translator 1.71 (Shift). This sets the global variable ha to 64 and the starts a timer to iterate through updating LED’s 63-0. You will probably want to clear each button’s global variables here. I already set it up to clear ga, gb and gc (your first 3 buttons).

Translator 1.72 is the timer that goes through and resets all LED status. By default it will set each LED to 1 but for some buttons you want it set to 6 so I look at the button number and if it is one that needs to reset to 6 it sets it. You will need to have IF statements for any other button you want to set a different default than 1.

I hope this is helpful.



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