APC mini and HOG4PC color and trigger


I'm attempting to utilize BMT to work with HOG4PC to trigger scenes and toggle colors. From what I've learned (and its not much) I would need to setup initial translators to set the color backgrounds. I would prefer the initial color arrangement to be:

00-31 to be yellow,

32-35, 40-43, 48-51 and 56-59 to be red

36-39, 44-47, 52-55 and 60-63 to be green

I want to toggle red to green but if another red button is selected the first selection changes back to red.

Similar in the Green quadrant and orange half of the main button selections but operating independently from the other two areas. Hopefully this makes some sense to you? Happy to clarify!

Also, would like these selections to trigger individual scenes in HOG4. Easily achieved without color. Need Bome to make the color changes.

I've looked through some other examples on this forum but am in need of clear direction for my application. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



The below post might help get you started if you want to do it yourself.


In that post I use 2 global variables to control on/off (two color) states of 64 LED on  the APCMINI though a technique called bitmapping.  I also demonstrate how you can use the exclusive OR operation to toggle an LED.

What you ask about setting up your particular project is beyond the scope of free support here, however I'm available for paid services if you would like.  You were pretty clear on how you want to manage your LED states, however nothing about the messages you want sent to HOG4PC. Maybe you already have a handle on that and just struggling with getting LED feedback working with MT Pro.

Sending colors to APC-Mini is a matter of sending note-on messages with the color velocity you want to a given pad. Managing the colors and button behavior is a bit more complex however. Using bitmapping is even more complex but uses less precious global variables. If you don't want to use bitmapping, then toggling a state of a button means assigning it a global variable. Toggline from 0 to 1 or 1 to zero is simply like ga=ga^1.

If you have specific questions on how to do a single function, I can help here for free but if you want me to build something for you, reach out to me via email with a bit more details and I'm happy to provide you a quotation.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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