APC Mini as Control Surface in Premiere Pro

Hi All,

I am new to midi controllers and Bome Midi Translator Pro. I watached Steve's "Map MIDI CC to Mackie Control in Adobe Premiere using Bome MIDI Translator Pro" video but it seems to be missing quite a bit of infomation.

I have a AKAI APC Mini controller and I would like to use the pads as keyboard shourtcuts and use the faders to control the audio mixer faders. I figured out how to get Bome to recognize the pads and faders from the APC Mini but I can not figure out how to configure them to talk to Premiere Pro. I did setup in Premiere in the Control Surface settings a Mackie device and choose BMT 1 as the device but I don't know how to configure anything else in Premiere to work with Bome. I did see that Bome has a key stroke output option but that does not seem to working. I currently have the letter "c" setup in PP as the cut function. I setup a pad on the APC Mini as input and the output as a letter "c" keystroke but it is not working in PP. Also I have no idea how to setup the fader control in Bome or PP.

Any help or videos would be greatly apperciated.




There are two objectives here and each is handled differently.

1) Premiere Pro Audio control

2) APC MINI to keyboard shortcut.


For the first, it is important that you set up Premier Pro as a Mackie Device as indicated in the tutorial. It also has to look to BMT 1 for MIDI input.  In MT Pro, you need to convert the faders from incoming CC to Mackie faders and send to Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port 1 (as shown in the video).  Then you can use the faders with the MIDI as converted MIDI.  I no longer have a license for Premier Pro so can not walk you through it any more than was was on the orginal video. You can check the Adobe site on how to set up Premier Pro with a Mackie Control Surface.  For this I have included a project file that covers all 8 faders plus master fader. Also you can use the round buttons on the right to select Solo, Rec Arm, Mute and Select and then use the round buttons along the bottom for that function. Basically the round buttons on the right will change the function of the buttons along the bottom.  I did not include any LED feedback, however.  If you need this or additional customization you can reach out to me in email for paid services.

I also included a few examples of the square matrix buttons to keystroke (item 2 above). In this case, the keyboard shortcut needs to be recognized by Premiere Pro and Premiere Pro applicatino must be the application that is active otherwise it will not recognize the key stroke. Right now, they are simple keystrokes "a" and "b".


I hope this helps to get you started.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz




Thanks Steve this really helped. I am having an issue with the round buttons on the right. Mute seems to be freezing up the other buttons like Solo and Rec Arm. Here is an example of my troubleshooting.

If I press Solo and then select a channel it will solo that channel correctly. Then if I press Mute and select that channel it will mute it, but if I press Solo and select that channel again it will not Un-Solo and for that matter nothing will work. The faders are frozen and even Mute does not work. The only way I have found to fix this it re-open the preset in MT Pro.

Is Mute causing some sort of MIDI issue?

Hmm, not sure if it is the MIDI or the way Premiere Pro implements Mackie MCU protocol. Hard to tell now since I no longer have a Premiere Pro license. I can look at your project file to see if it looks like there is anything wrong (not Mackie MCU output MIDI) that is somehow slipping through.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz