APC40 and Lights programmed

If i program a note to have a command how do i get the light to be active. So when i change presets it displays all buttons that are programmed. on a APC40 MK1


LED;s can be programmed by sending the same note-on message back to the APC40 as a given button sends. The color of the LED is based on the note velocity (for multi color LEDs) and fixed color for single color LED’s.

For preset change updates, I typically iterate through all possible notes (LEDs) upon activation of a preset using a repeating timer. I typically track the button state (on or off) using a bitmap of just a few global variables. Since a global variable in Bome is a 32 bit signed integer, I can track up to 32 button, states with a single global variable.

Most buttons on the APC-40 are momentary meaning when you push it, it sends a note-on and when you release it it sends a note-off, If you want to make a given button LED toggle (press once for LED on and again for LED off), then you need to do this in rules of Bome MIDI Translator.

The below example shows toggling of note 0

Incoming: Note-on note 0 MIDI channel 1 velocity 127 from APC40
// toggle it
// set up colors
// off color
if ga==0 then qq=0
// on color
if ga==1 then qq=127

Outgoing: Note-On Note 0 on MIDI CH1 velocity qq to APC40

For bit mapping and iteration of notes, search the forum for my example of APC-MINI bit mapping.
There I iterate through 2 global variables to control 64 LED’s of the APC-MINI.

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