APC40 mkII - TRACK buttons vs Device Control

Afternoon Steve, Florian and co.

I am continuing with my APC40 patch and have noticed an issue when using the TRACK SELECT buttons in patch. The track selects are triggering B0 (10…17) xx.

Unfortunately the Device Control pots are also channel derived, so when a pot is turned off B0 10 00 it’s automatically triggering the change preset that is assigned to the buttons (as its the same value).

I have set the CHANNEL CHANGE presses to swallow data, however I find it still jumping when the 00 value is triggered.

I’m a tad confused, event though i can see the issue!



Yes, this is because the APC40 powers up in Mode 0 and,in that mode, the device select knobs change depending on whic
h track you are on. Also track select is toggle in the mode. In order to change this, you would need to put your APC40 MKII into mode 2. Send this raw MIDI setup at startup and then all of your buttons will be momentary and the device control knobs will not change with each track.

F0 47 7f 29 60 00 04 42 09 07 01 f7

In the above, 40 would be mode 0 (default) 41 mode 1 and 42 mode 2.

Make sure you APC40 is powered up before sending it this message. You will see the track lights go out once it is received. For more information on how the APC40 MKII go to the Akaipro web site and download the APC40 MK programmers manual.

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Brilliant, thank you. I’d forgotten to set the APC mode in this new patch. Solved!