APC40 with Adobe Premiere Pro / Scrub with the playhead / Color Grading

Hi there lovely people of the Bome MIDI translator PRO community.

My name is Kevin and I’m new to this excellent piece of software. I’ve used it for about two days now and I love it. I have two questions regarding the APC40 to work with Adobe Premiere Pro. I’ve made you a video to explain easily. Also some pictures of the APC40 and my .bmtp file are attachted in this thread.

Kind regards!

Kevin VelgheAPC40 - Kevin Velghe.bmtp (252.2 KB)

Bome MIDI Translator Pro - Question by Kevin Velghe


Thanks for your purchase and welcome to the forum. It seems that you have done quite a bit in just a few days time. Congratulations!

In answer to your first question: Can I make the scrub move faster?
This will depend on how fast your computer can process left and right arrow keys. Probably not, but if Premier pro has a different key combination for larger scrubbing, then you can use that.

In answer to your second question: Can I make the movement of my mouse with less translators?

Yes, see the attached. We essentially determine the range of the incoming values and the outgoing values plus the offset to set it up so that the math of the translator handles this for you.

Here are the rules for your situation. I use incoming value of the knob of qq and scale it and use it for
the outgoing value of your X position of the mouse:

// Scale it
// output range 2216-2466 or 250
// Input range 1-127 or 127
// offset of 2216

I created a new preset for this in the project file and disabled your original preset so you can test it.

APC40 - Kevin Velghe-sjc.bmtp (253.5 KB)

For scaling, you can look at this tutorial.

Steve Caldwell
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Thank you so much Steve! Works like a charm. You’re a legend.

I also solved my first question. If I hold ‘shift’ and scrub down the timeline, the playhead scrubs a lot faster.

Kind regards

Kevin Velghe

Glad to have been of help!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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