Aphex 188A MIDI LAN translation

I was looking in your older forums at this topic:


Was this translator ever made? I would love to use the Aphex 188A with Avid Pro Tools, emulating a PRE. Aphex sold a (extremely hard to find) companion hardware translator box (5200) to go with this unit, but I was hoping the Bome hardware with the appropriate translator could do the same job. Is it possible to read the midi data coming from the 188A LAN port directly and translate to midi to route into Pro Tools?
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Matthew Wood

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Well it looks like the 188A doesn’t have a MIDI port and Bome MIDI Translator Pro can only translate things that comes via A MIDI interface. If you have software that can convert network packets coming in and out of the 188A, to MIDI data that is exposed on the host operation system as either MIDI ports or serial ports, then we could certainly use MT Pro to analyze the MIDI data.

It appears that some of the links shown on the old post are no longer active.

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