Application Focus on a old vb6 program

Hello everyone

I’m trying to navigate inside an old visual basic 6 program I wrote years ago (yes I know…)
I created one translator with an outgoing “Application Focus” on my program.
And another translator with a space key, which is supposed to work when my program is focused.

The problem is that the first translator is not really giving the focus, it’s only showing my program on top of the other, but I can’t navigate inside (it’s still greyed out, not active)

I tried with notepad, everything is ok.

Why is it different with my program ? How can I resolve the problem ?

Thanks for your help

Well I’m not sure why it is different. My guess is that the focus is being switched to the VB6 engine itself other than the VB6 UI window you created. If you gave the UI window a name, see if you can find that. If you can’t you might want to try and see if using injected keystrokes works instead. You can read about injected events in the Bome MIDI Translator Pro manual. Press F1 or go to the help menu to open up the manual.

Steve Caldwell
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.
In fact I’m out of the visual basic editor.
My program is an independant .exe file called whatever.exe and I was able to find it in the “Application Focus” drop-down menu of the outgoing.

I will check the injected events tonight.

If you want I can share you a simple program and you’ll see what happens.


Sure, I’ll see if I can do something with it.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:


Thanks for your advice, injected keystrokes works great !

Let’s go with it. :smiley:


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