Application specific preset selection

I try to switch preset together with the topmost window on screen. So that BMT switches settings when hopping between Cubase, ProTools and Adobe Premiere.

I see that some global variables can be set via AppleScript and can be misused for preset selection. Is this possible with WindowsPoweShell too?

a) How can I achieve an application specific preset selection as e.g. StreamDeck XL can.

b) How could I write an AppleScript or PowerShell "daemon" that watchdogs the topmost windows and switches global BMT parameters to select a preset.


Anny help appreciated

Hi, on Windows you might want to try “injected keystrokes” to send messages to a given application. I’m not sure if the application will come to the top, however. If this doesn’t work, indeed you can try an external application like PowerShell or AutoHotKey. In the outgoing action for the translator you could call your script using command line parameters including any MT Pro variables and the have you script take over from there.

Currently there is not a way to pass a variable back to MT Pro from an external application unless you set it up in part of a MIDI stream from the external application.


IE if the application can send MIDI Note-On Note 0 on MIDI Channel 1 velocity 127, you could send this to MT Pro and the reference variables will be loaded.

Incoming: ga gb gc

Variables for the above example would then be 144 (90 hex) for ga, 0 for gb, and 127 for gc.

I use this technique in my MIDIBuddy application to send mouse pointer positions, clicks and numerical clipboard content to MT Pro.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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