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Hi Steve and forum friends,

i am trying to achieve this using a RME ARC, that is connected and activated inside the audio driver totalmix to be used as a remote. there I have good but limited options, so I want to leave one button unassigned in totalmix and use BMT to map it outside of totalmix.

the ARC is quite special with its midi messages, it generally permanently sends CC messages, I guess for permanent communication with Totalmix, where it is directly activated in the menu, and not separately setup as midi controller.

Now when press the button, the CC Channel 9 Messages come through, plus they repeat 3-5 times. When trying out the tutorial above the target function (toggle mute inside a audio software) was toggeled 1-3 times per button-press, seems a bit random, and if the permanent CC message flood is masking the delivery of the button press. Maybe the Problem is only the repeating command.

do you have an idea how to maybe filter out the command repeats? should I filter out the CC channel 1 messages inside BMT?
cheers from berlin, henrik

Hi and welcome back.

Looking at the manual, it appears that the RME software is auto detecting your RME ARC device. Hence the messages are not likely passing through Bome MIDI Translator Pro. If there is a way to configure you Software (TotalMIX?) to use a different MIDI interface, that would be ideal as we could pass through commands that we don’t want touched and then create a translator for any commands you want to set up as special.

If you cannot configure the software for another MIDI device then you will likely be out of luck as it is probably insisting on connecting directly to the MIDI device. The only way I would know to fix it is to put your device on a BomeBox or similar so that the Operation System does not expose it. Then create a virtual MIDI port with the device name expected by TotalMIX and then route the physical device to the virtual port.

If this seems complicated, than you may be getting the picture. The key thing is to see if you can configure your software to look at a different MIDI port than RME ARC. Then have Bome MIDI Translator Pro interface with RME ARC port and have Total MIX interface with a Virtual MIDI port. Something like this.

RME ARC → Bome MIDI Translator Pro - > Bome MIDI Virtual Port 1 → Total Mix
Total MIX → Bome MIDI Virtual Port 1 → Bome MIDI Translator Pro - >RME ARC

Also, I’m not sure how you assign various CC’s or notes with your software based on your screen shot. It appears to allow you to device message type but not the actual CC or Note number.

Sorry, for now I cannot be much help with this interface.

P.S. I moved your request to a new thread as it is not directly related to the tutorial.

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Hey steve!

thank you for the answer! this helps a lot, I will try out in the next days :slight_smile:
stuck in different projects at this moment.
cheers Henrik