Arturia Beatstep - premiere pro

hi I assigned to premiere pro i from f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 etc to change the color of the video labels in the timeline

how can I scroll through all the f 's with just one encoder? turning an encoder I would like it to do F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 etc

Thank you

Hi and welcome back!

First of all, I set the project file incoming encoder to 16 with an absolute value on my BeatStep. If you need a different encoder, set it as needed. It will need to be an absolute encoder in the way I set up the project.

Now for testing I set the value of zz to 1 in the rules of translator 0.0 so it would not mess things up. I use this value to determine whether to send Log messages and to execute outgoing actions. Simply set it to 0 in that translator to turn of logging and actually send keystrokes.

We only use the First 6 values of the encoder to send keystrokes so if the encoder sends a value of 0, we send F1, 1 we send F2 and so on. I programmed up to F6.

In translator 0.0 we use rules to execute ‘Perform’ actions (MT Pro version 1.9.1 or higher required for this.

// debug flag will suppress keystrokes for testing
// set to 0 for normal operation

// first parameter is function number
// second parameter is the value
// third parameter is the delay

// First ensure we have the application focused
Perform "Focus and Key", 0,qq,0

// Now lets send the keystroke
Perform "Focus and Key", 1, qq, 20

We use the first parameter as the function number (0 for focus or 1 for keystroke. The second parameter for the current encoder value, and the third parameter for the outgoing delay in milliseconds.

Translator 0.1 will focus the application (if the value is 0-5) with no delay. It will do nothing if the function number is anything other than 0 (function for focus). You will need to change the outgoing application to Adobe Premiere Pro. I don’t have that application so just used an application I have.

Translator 0.2 will send a Perform ‘keystroke’ with the incoming value of the encoder and a delay of 20ms. We add the delay to give time for the application to focus.

Translators 0.3 through 0.8 will send actual keystrokes with delay.

Note for each of these translators, they only execute if the incoming key (value of local variable pp by parameter passed) matches the translator. If you need more keys you can add them and then change the value of this rule in translator 0.1

if qq>5 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

Again, I left zz=1 in translator 0.0 for testing so once you get the proper application set up and desired incoming CC, change zz=1 to zz=0 and give it a whirl.

encoder to keystroke-beatstep.bmtp (3.8 KB)

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