Arturia BeatStep

Hi everyone on the forum,

I'm trying to configure the Arturia BeatStep controller with Midi Translator Pro. The dials and pads work fine. However, is there a way to utilize the extra buttons on the left (labelled "Stop", "Play/Pause", "Cntrl/Seq", "Recall", "Store", "Shift" and "Chan") as extra switches (for sending a keystroke)?

I am using the Arturia "Midi Control Center" software for configuring the MIDI mapping of the controller, this software has no way to assign those keys.

Also, is there a way to disable or dim the key/pad backlights?

Thanks, geb

Hi, I don't have one, however if the Beatstep sends MIDI messages then yes, just caputer the incoming MIDI message as a trigger and then use whatever desired keystroke, MIDI or mouse action you want to send. If it doesn't send a MIDI message than there is probably nothing you can do with that key.

According to the manual Play and stop use MMC MIDI messages as long as EXT SYNC button is lit. My guess is that other buttons are used for local control only and do not send anythning. If you turn on MIDI logging in MT Pro you can tell for sure. 

These are really more questions fomr Arturia and not Bome Software. Did you check with them?


Steve Caldwell
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Thanks Steve! Most likely you are right. I contacted Arturia already and will update the thread once I have more information from them,