Arturia MiniLab Mk II Transport Controls for FL Studio

I've made a preset in Bome's MIDI Translator Pro for additional functionality with the Arturia MiniLab Mk II in FL Studio and I also included the MIDI Control Center preset needed for it to work. Some vst plug-ins will intercept certain keystrokes, if a control does not work while a plug-in is open, go into the wrapper settings of that plug-in and enable "Keep focus" to prevent it from doing that. Most of the controls are linked to the pads on the controller, however, I made two additional functions for the MiniLab Mk II because Arturia forgot to include them. On knobs 1 and 9 the button clicks now function as transpose controls with knob 1 increasing by one semitone and knob 9 decreasing by one semitone. Additionally, pad 6 on bank 1 now toggles the velocity curve from being normal to being static at the value of knob 1. When activating the velocity curve to be equal to the value of knob 1, turn the knob immediately after you do so otherwise the velocity will be static at 0.

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Hi, thanks for contributing! Iā€™m sure other users will find this helpful in the future.


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