Assign multiple channels to Jog Wheel (Behringer XTOUCH)


I haven't had much luck locating anything on this forum or anywhere else. My wording for searching may be off for what I'm looking for exactlcy. 

I'm using my XTOUCH for Adobe Premiere Pro

I want to use my channel buttons on my XTOUCH, LEFT CH (RED) & RIGHT CH (BLUE) X-Touch.jpg
to be able to change my JOG WHEEL on each channel to either a note or CC. As well as these buttons to only trigger the MIDI channels for the JOG WHEEL.

By default my device is on Midi CH1 and signals are:
B0 3C 01 (turning to the right) BMT OUT
B0 3C 41 (turning to the left) BMT OUT

My objective is to be able to do these things on Adobe Premiere Pro with the JOG WHEEL:
Video Track Length (Long & Short)
Audio Track Length (Long & Short)
Video Track HEIGHT (Tall & Small)
Audio Track HEIGHT (Tall & Small)
Shuffle Video Track (Front & Back)

There was a feature similar to what I'm looking for on the NATIVE MASCHINE STUDIO. It had 6 options/channels; EDIT, CHANNEL, BROWSE, TUNE, SWING & VOLUME

I was able to change the type I wanted my JOG WHEEL to be. I had majority of them on CC. EDIT CH was on MCU by default.

I attached an image/screenshot (ms_jogwheel_bome_programs.jpg) of what I had assigned to the MASCHINE STUDIO with Bome.

Here is also a screenshot of what I set all ch on the JOG WHEEL to be CC and the additoinal settings to be in order for everything to work in Adobe Premiere Pro.  ms_ni-controller.jpg


Thank you to everyone that is taking time out of their day to read this and help in anyway possible as I hope this will also help anyone that has this same device and wish to impliment this into Adobe Premiere Pro.





Your red and blue buttons should also effect faders and V-POTs are you doing anything with those in Premier Pro.

The trick would be to see what your left (red) and right (blue) buttons send and then in MT Pro change presets, since your jog wheel will always send the same thing.

By changing presets with the buttons, you can write translators within each preset for different output key functionality. However if you are using these buttons for other things, then you will have to get more creative


I created an example for you with only two functions.

The preset switches presets with the left and right buttons.

The second preset handles Vtrack Length with the Jog Wheel

The third preset handles Vtrack Height with the Jog Wheel

You should be able to duplicate for the other desired keystrokes.

In the first and second translators in preset 1. I have rules to limit the presets that will be selected as I am selecting by number and turning all of the presets off (except for \"always on\" preset 0 which needs to always be on to make the buttons work.


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P.S. I\'m assuming your X-Touch is in Mackie MCU mode and not Mackie HUI mode.