Automatic Routes in BomeBox not working?

After upgrading my Bomebox firmware to 1.5.3 my test project running on my Mac no longer worked. I checked and unchecked the Automatic Routes box in Web Config and got a ‘spin’ icon, but nothing changed. I finally saw that all of my ports still showed as Closed. My project worked again after I made manual routes. I’m using Safari on Mac for Web Config. How do Automatic Routes work? Am I missing something? I’m just getting to know the BomeBox and Midi Translator Pro. This is my first post. Thanks for any help.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Typically when you are running a project file, the automatic routes are overridden by the routes within the project file unless you add other routes in manually after the project file is loaded.

I think that you should find if you stop the project, then check automatic routes, it will work again until you load a project file which again will override the BomeBox MIDI routing.

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