Automatically route (send) all channel 2 messages to Virtual Port X

Problem: The new midi controller I’m using is NOT multi-client ready.

So, having the Sequencer receiving both from BOME MT Virtual Out AND the same hardware midi controller itself - doesn’t work.

I have installed a virtual midi port software to be fired up both in BOME MT and the Sequencer. In that way, hopefully, I can set all the channel 2 messages to be sent (bidirectional) to that virtual midi Port X from BOME MT.

As the midi communication on channel 2 is bidirectional (Generic Remote), I need the Sequencer to be able to send the current state back, to preserve parameter jumping. Al that worked per default with my previous multi-client midi controller thanks to your Bome MT preset additions here on the forum.

Let us start simple: Can you please suggest a Bome MT preset that will automatically route (send) all channel 2 messaged to Port X?

Btw, shall I also create an Alias for Bome MT input for that?

Thank you in advance.


I’m not sure what you mean by “multi-client” support. On Windows one applicatnoi or device can access a given port at a time. For this reason, you can use Bome MIDI Translator Pro to route to different ports.

It the attached examples are 4 presets. Each preset has it’s on routing

Preset 0 - Controller to BMT1
Preset 1 - BMT1 to Controller
Preset 2 - Controller to BMT2
Preset 3 - BMT2 to Controller

You can see this in the preset routing

Each preset has 2 translators

Any 3 byte message
Anny 2 byte message

In the rules of the translators we look at the incoming MIDI channel.
The translators of the first 2 presets, will only pass through MIDI Channel 2 messages.
We look at the first byte (the status byte) of each incoming MIDI message. If it is not MIDI CH 2 (1), then they do nothing.

The translators of the 2nd 2 presets will only pass through non MIDI Channel 2 messages.

The rules for the first 2 presets look like this:

// get channel
// Look for Channel 2
if rr!=1 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

The rules for the second 2 presets look like this:
// get channel
// Look for Channel 2
if rr==1 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

Again, each preset has its routing defined allowing port routing to be conditional by MIDI channel.

This tutorial, shows how to use presets for port routing.

Note, that everything is controlled by translators (no MIDI THRU paths). If you need to pass through SysEX messages or 1 byte message (which don’t contain channel information). You will need to add static MIDI thru routes.

You should set up the alias “My Controller” to your device.

conditional-routing-2021-02-12.bmtp (3.0 KB)

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