Automatically Turn on Specific Preset for Active Program

The Wacom Intuit software can set up different profiles for different applications. It's preference settings automatically detect the running applications (Davinci Resolve, Notepad, Gimp, etc.) to allow you to configure settings for the tablet and pen tailored to that application. When I'm switching between those applications, it automatically uses corresponding settings.

In BMT, I have presets for different programs. Perhaps I missed some options but I can't seem to automatically turn on certain presets based on the active program I'm using. For example, say I have presets called Davinci Resolve, Gimp and Blender in one BMT configuration file. All three presets are unchecked by default. I open Gimp. I would like BMT to automatically checkmark or enable to Gimp preset. Then I switch over to Blender and BMT disables the Gimp preset and enables the Blender preset.

What I am currently doing is to load specific BMT configuration files for specific programs or manually disable/enable specific presets.

Hi, Bome MIDI Translator Pro is not "Application Aware".  To get what you want you would need to set up an external program (like Autohotkey on Windows) to detect the current active application and then send MIDI to MT Pro (via a virtual port) a MIDI command to tell MT Pro to switch presets.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Thank you, Steve. I figured as much and downloaded AutoHotKey a couple of days ago to learn it. For those also interested in doing something similar, here is a link to get you started: