Automating Chrome Browser Actions with TouchOSC Buttons

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I’ve had this software for years, but I finally had an epiphany of how I’d like to actually deploy it in my day-to-day studio acitivities. I’m creating a page of buttons through TouchOSC, and using simple note values to automate basic actions I frequently do on my Windows 11 PC.

Has anyone deployed this to navigate tabs within a web browser?

My goal is to have buttons that bring me to specific tabs in a browser (Ex: Google Calendar, Gmail, a specific Google Sheet that tracks my finances). These tabs are always open when my computer is on, but tend to get buried in other windows and tabs as I work.

I’m using Chrome, and I know you can do shortcuts to jump between the tab number (‘Ctrl + 1’ is Tab #1 in your current window). But I’d like to be able to do this without already being on that specific chrome window.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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This shows a list of Google Chrome Browser Shortcuts.

You would first need a translator with an outgoing action to switch focus to Google Chrome, then another translator with a slight delay to send the keystroke. Of course if you have Google Chrome in two separate browser windows, then it may or may not switch to the correct browser window so it is best to only have one browser window (with multiple tabs)

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That seemed to have done the trick! If I run into issues with multiple windows, I guess I can switch some tasks to a different browser altogether. Thanks so much.

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