Backing up MIDI data to computer

I have a Yamaha QY70 that’s running out of memory quickly and I need to transfer the data elsewhere, temporarily, so that I can continue working on it. When done, I’d like to send it back to the QY.

I’ve been looking at a few possible solutions that turned out either obsolete, or not working on Mac. I was advised to ask here if Bome could do this. So, can it? :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I hear a program called SysEX librarian can do this.

Bome MIDI Translator would not be the complete solution but you could use it for routing MIDI to different applications.

If you want to manually back up and restore a configuration, you might try SendSX but it only is supported on Windows. You might also look into the public domain for sendmidi and receivmidi.

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Yes, SysEx Librarian is the choice for that.
You can send, receive and organize SysEx and MIDI files. Several options, expected to work with all devices and software. If desired, you can send SysEx Files by program changes.

Great compatibility, runs here more than 10 years on Mac with just a few updates. Currently Mac mini M1.