Backward Compatibility


I updated my Bome Midi Translator Pro yesterday to the latest version (MacOS El Capitan) , and am now missing a lot of Midi bindings between Bome and my Plogue Bidule. Unfortunately this might have happened, because I changed the setting in the preferences, where you can ask Bome to use short names for Virtual Midi Ports.
My question: can I go back to my old version of Bome and open the Bome file that has been worked on a lot ( on the latest version) between yesterday and today? This would safe me a lot of work.
Alternatively: is it possible to use to instances of Bome, one with the old version and one with the new version and copy and paste between these two instances of Bome? I think my old version was 1.7.9 or something in the area, but am not sure.
Thanks a lot for your feedback, Klaus Gesing

Hi Klaus, I would be suprised to find out that this is a Bome Compatibility issue.  A lot of work is done to ensure backward compatibility.  There may be some behaviour, however that had a bug in the past where you may have used a workaround and now the bug is fixed.  

I suggest you go to the setting on the new version and change Virtual MIDI Ports back to short names, and give it another go. Some DAWs and applicatinons simply do not underand long names which is what the short name feature is there.

If you post or email your project file, I can help you look for anomolies.  I really don't suggest going back to the old version of MT Pro.  Yes, you can run multiple instances of MT Pro if you would like, however my guess is that copying and pasting between the two would be more work and that there is probably some larger issue here like proper setting of MIDI aliases, combined with the use of short names.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Hello Steve,
thanks a lot for your very quick answer. I probably did not express myself in a clear way. It was not my intention to hint at a possible compatibility issue of the Bome. It was more a way how to find out, how I could limit a damage I created myself by doing some things too quickly.

My Plogue Bidule can easily handle the long names of the Bome, it was me who changed them into the short ones, just to find out what that would do, without considering the possible consequences.

The information that it is possible to have two instances of different versions of Bome running at the same time is very helpful in this respect, it will allow me to move back, and recover with the least amount of work done twice.
I will try to work my way back and will let you know how it turned out.
Thanks again,
best wishes, Klaus Gesing

Hello Steve,
In the end I managed to work my way back.
I found out that it is not possible to copy and paste between two different instances of Bome running from different versions, but I could open my Bome file, which I had worked on with version 1.8.4. with the older version (which was 1.8.1. as I now found out) - and recover the old midi bindings from a back up I fortunately had made.
So, all of this did not have anything to do with a backward compatibility issue in Bome. Rather, Bome's flexibility in opening files that had been saved on newer versions also with an older version of the program helped me to reduce possible damage to a great extent. best, Klaus Gesing

I’m glad it worked out. Yes copy and paste from older to new versions is something I had never tested. I generally don’t like going back to old version once I’m on a newer one.