Basic setup potential?

Hey I'm looking to buy a bomebox but trying to get some clarification as to whether it's what I need. I want to connect my Ableton push (user mode) as a control surface for my sequencer (squarp pyramid) but still be able to control Ableton.  I also want to know if I will be able to connect my USB powered synths (tb-03, ju-06, bs2) through my USB hub and not get additional latency of the midi over USB? Is that dependent on this box or on my computer? 

Would want the bomebox to route midi in and out to my sequencer but could use USB or midi to do this as it takes both. Does it have the ability to route USB to USB internally? How would i connect my computer and combine midi data from my Motu express xt? As some of my synths are midi only. And I find midi more stable than USB over midi on my comp 


Lot of questions but it's difficult for me to understand what this box is capable of as I don't know the lingo 




Hi, the BomeBox is a USB host and can handled multiple USB MIDI class compliant devices attached. Although it provides up to 1A of power for attached USB devices I generally recommend using a powered USB hub (but not a charging port on the hub). It can route to network (to Ableton on your PC). From 1 USB device to another or to any other device connected (USB , DIN, Network ). You can route anything to anything that is connected to it. For Ableton Live you should connect over Bome Network (included with BomeBox) to you PC or Mac. Double check that your MOTU is class compliant and if it is, it should work for DIN to USB from your MOTU.

If you want to do advanced (conditional) routing, or translation, you will need to also purchase Bome MIDI Translator Pro, otherwise the routing on the BomeBox is static.

You can even network multiple BomeBoxes together,

Again, check your USB gear to make sure it is class compliant and if it is, you should be good to go.


Steve Caldwell
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Thanks for your rapid reply,

are you suggesting i plug the USB of my Motu into the Bomebox (if class compliant) and then all my midid devices into that? Plus a powered USB hub to plug all the USB midi stuff and the bome box can merge and route them all?

as my midi router can be standalone i would have to configure the routings with plugged into the computer first then i would plug it into the bomebox once the routings are hardcoded and use the USB port for my USB hub with usb synths connected.  then i can use the master clock on my squarp (usb or midi out which would you reccomend for stability?) sending clock to all things MIDI and USB and the computer (via ethernet?) and receiving all note and CC info and routing to the sequencer through the bome?


if my Motu express xt is not class compliant how would you suggest i connect it info from the bome? ethernet? or just the DIN ports?



Hi, yes if you want to use MIDI DIN for your devices, you will likely need the MOTU to convert from DIN to USB. USB connections are very fast and if configured correctly you should not see latency.  If all USB is coming from MOTU then no hub should be required as long as it doesn't draw more than 1 AMP. 

You can set up static routings between any exposed device so if MOTU exposes multiple USB MIDI devices, they can all be routed separately.  Right now, the routing to the network is through one network connection which means that anything on your PC/MAC will see all devices as one network device.  This means you should put each device on a different MIDI channel if you want to distinguish between them in Ableton Live (or anything else on your computer). This will change when multi network stream capability to a single computer becomes available. 


If your MOTU is not class compliant, you just need to shop around for a device that is.  I found a fairly cheap 4 DIN port to USB hub for about $50 USD on Amazon. Or you can get something more fully featured like a iCOnnectivity DIN to USB, but they are quite a bit more expensive.


Yes you should be able to expose your clock to any BomeBox attached MIDI port (network, USB or MIDI DIN)


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist