BCF2000 Rotary Knobs for Aux Send [ABL 10]

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I have a BCF2000 and a MPD32. I have been using this setup for 6 years, using BC Manager for the BCF2000 and physical edits on the MPD32 for MIDI manipulation, also using the latest version of Bome's for simple on/off, inverted etc... MIDI messages in Ableton Live 10.

Now to my real question...

Im on week 7 of trying to figure out how rules and variables work, and for the most part I understand. But this "Master Template" that I'm trying to configure has got my brain in such a tight knot, idk what to do anymore. This mainly applies to the BCF2000. Inside BC Edit I have made all faders on one MIDI Ch1, all bottom row buttons are on Ch2, top row of buttons Ch3, pan Ch4, pan push Ch5. Ch6-11 are seperate Aux/Send levels per pan pot. MIDI Ch 12 being open, MPD32 on Ch13.

What I would like to have done is to be able to press "Encoder Grp 3" and have all 6 pan pots set to control Aux/send volume levels of the one selected track. I know this has to do with rules and global variables, I just cant seem to understand how to make it happen. In BC edit I have set pan pots 1-6 on a separate MIDI Ch(6-11), 7-8 are off. A problem is that I cant stay on the same BCF2000 preset and change send levels to any of the remaining faders. I would simply like to be able to pull up a fader, press "Encoder Grp 3" on the BCF2000, and any fader I touch, will show the current Aux/send level of the track. And if possible to use "Encoder Grp2" as the track select, and have the Aux/send levels follow whatever track that has been selected if I were to press "Encoder Grp 3"



Encoder Grp1 "Pan", Encoder Grp2 "Track Select",

Encoder Grp3 "Aux/Send Level", Encoder Grp4 "Open"


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Hi, I've found the easiest way to do virtual layers with MT Pro is to turn on and off different presets and keep the knobs programmed the same on your controller. The other way is with global variables. There are some tutorial on how to do this below.  If you still can't figure it out, post your project file and I can have a look and advise further. If you want me to set up the entire project for you, I'm available on a fee basis. Just drop me an email.

Presets Method



Global Variable Method



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Yes those are the videos i have been watching on repeat, along with all other 30. The shift layes part 1 and 2  and the dynamicly switching videos. I'll keep trying. Thanks for the reply. I may need further help before getting a lobotomy =] Regardless I'm loving learning process!!!

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I’ll be here if you need help.


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