Beat Clock Generator

Hi there,

Long time Bome user but this one has me stumped and I did some searching here.

I have a device that only takes beat clock for its BPM sync (Pioneer EFX 1000), my host software is only capable of sending out single instances of notes, CC's, and PC (Waves LV1 mixing console).

Is it possible to have Bome generate a predetermined beat clock when it receives a note?



Hi, you can have Bome generate MIDI beat (timing) clock signals with a timer, however the granularity of the clock may not be as precise as you would like it. Keep in mind that the clock is supposed to be 24 bits per quarter note so you may need to do a bit of math to figure out the number of milleseconds between each clock output.

Say you want 120 beats per minute which is 2 beats per second (120/60). Say you are in 4/4 timing so you will generate 4 quarter notes in 2 seconds. Each quarter note requires 24 clocks so you need 24 clock signals in 1/2 second or 48 clock signals per second. 1 divided by 48 = 20.833 milliseconds but the precision of MT pro is 1 millesecond so you would need to generate a clock signal roughly every 21 milleseconds and that would generate 120.96 bpm (if I did my math right. Doing this all in my head). You will not be able to achieve exactly 120 bpm so MT pro is not really an ideal clock generator. If you generate 1 clock per 20ms the bpm would be 115.2 bpm.

My math may be a bit off but hopefully you get the picture.

So if you have any MIDI signal trigger a repeating timer at 21ms intervals and the timer sends MIDI clock signals, you will get correct MIDI clock output for 120.96 bpm.

Steve Caldwell
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