Beatstep control Mouse action in Davinci Resolve

Hi, maybe my question has some cases in the past but I couldn't find it. I hope you could help me

I want to use the encoder of Beatstep to control mouse action in Davinci Resolve

My Encoder set up to Relative#2, Turn Left Sent value 127, turn right is 1

My action like this

Turn encoder Left/Right

-> Left mouse down at the position

-> Drag mouse to left/Right (rotate how many times at a time, the mouse go far as)

Ex: Rotate 1 time, mouse go left/right 10px, Rotate 2 times mouse goes 20px

-> Release encoder

-> Left mouse Up

(Left mouse clip down the action 1 time in the beginning)

Really thanks.

Hi, Try this.


There are 5 translators

The first one sets a watchdog timer for 1 second so that if there is no movement within that time, we assume we are done and issue a click up.

On the second translator,  we look at the value of ga and if it is 1 that means we already triggered a start sequend so we don't do anything. Otherwise, we let it trigger the timer "Encoder 1 Move.

The third translator handles the click down action at current position if ga=1

The forth one will move the mouse (with click already down) thereby dragging it, depending on the direction you turned your knob (global variable gb).

Finally if nothing happens within 1 second, the watchdog timer trips thereby sending a click up and setting ga back to zero so the process repeats.

You may want to play around with the value of the watchdog timer. One second is usually pretty good but you might want to try 500ms (1/2 second) to see if it feels more responsive.  Since the Arturia does not send encoder touch and release messages we have to guess based on timing of your knob movements.

There are several rules in there that may not make sense to you. I'm running on Beta 1.8.5 which has a logging feature that is wonderful for debugging my programs. I can use the log to tell me what is going on without doing mouse movements.  Hopefully this version will release soon. The Log  rules will be OK with 1.8.4 but just not execute.

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Hi, I adjust Watchdog timer to 50ms, and it Respond well. Thanks

But I met the Veronika Errors, I've searched but not sure What it's meant. Could you help me



No Clue, could you show a screen shot of all of your MIDI ports?

I’ve re-intall and it work well now

Could I add 1 more action is click at 1 position before watchdog,
i mean click at position A (only first time when start the encoder)
Than click down at position B drag & drop

Maybe as i think when i choose a preset, we have a translator thân ignore ít is good too

OK, maybe a virus hijacked one of your MT Pro support dll files. Please make sure you keep antivirus working on your computer.